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Guitar Hero is a story written by Takiguchi Aiko and illustrated by sairobi. It ran in Issue 13 at, and is mirrored at


From "Finn est un dieu grec. Littéralement. Et il a décidé de l'avouer à Jeremy. Ce dernier se demande ce que peut bien foutre Apollon dans un groupe emo américain. Slash, crack?, abus de mythologie grecque."

From "This fic is bands + best friends + highschool age boys with a bit of Greek mythology thrown in for good measure!"

From "In which the front man/vocalist of a PATD-inspired band is sort of perplexed to find out his genius-guitarist-slash-long-term-boyfriend is Apollo. Yes, the Greek god. Which contains the line: "Jeremy was painfully aware that post-show, flushed and sweaty, he did not look particularly impressive and tried for a casual 'I'm totally the sort of dude who hangs out with superior beings and it ain't no thang' smile." Hahaha, craaaaack, but also really, really good. Jeremy's meandering mental asides are seriously some of the most awesomely, crazily hilarious stuff I've read in ages."


Guitar Hero happens in the same universe as Kids and Heroes.

Domashita Romero has written other short stories in the same universe: Apollo Kafes, The First Taste, Scene Queens, Side Effects, and Swap.

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Guitar Hero has been featured on Goodreads as a weekly group read.

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Probably my favorite ssbb story. It follows the life and rise to fame of a talented ex-Mormon boy who starts a rock band with his friends, and falls in love with his guitarist. Also, there may or may not be Greek Gods involved >__>. It's light and fluffy but also feels incredibly realistic, and the prose is just wonderful.


Events do not occur in the order that they appear; I remember being a bit confused by the chronology the first time I read this, but it gives the backstory that much more power when you come to it. It also makes for good re-reading when you finally get the whole picture ;D.
  • "Panic! at the Disco/gods OTP ... The notes at the end made me want to be interested in Panic! at the Disco. That life story sounds amazing.
  • "This story mixes the sweet, the hot, and the angst together very smoothly. In which a Greek god takes up with a musically-inclined Mormon."
  • "While reading, I couldn't help comparing the band to FOB/MCR/P!atD/TU so it's a relief to read the author's notes saying that the main character is loosely based on Brendon Urie. Um, queer-friendly punk band, Mormonism, Greek mythology, and boys in love."
  • "The one with the two guys in the band, and one 'em comes out to the other. Not that way, another way. Really liked this, really."
  • "A story about a boy band and greek gods. Delightful."