God(dess) Bless you, Ruby Woo

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a tube of bright red lipstick with the words God(dess) Bless you, Ruby Woo around the image
Art by Beili.
God(dess) Bless you, Ruby Woo is a story written by Kimyō Tabibito and illustrated by Beili. It ran in Yes, And 2 at http://s2b2.livejournal.com/282497.html, and is mirrored at http://www.shousetsubangbang.com/mirror/goddess-bless-you-ruby-woo/. It is a part of the SEQ universe.


From fairyninjas.wordpress.com: "A dirty tale of a drag queen/dom and his best friend, who is also usually a dom, but maybe not always."

He slid a finger into my mouth. I closed around it, sucking instinctively.

"Do you know how to stop lipstick from getting all over your teeth, Lore?" he asked. I shook my head, never taking my lips from him.

"Purse your lips," he told me, before he slid his finger from my mouth with an obscene little pop. The red stained his skin and I swallowed hard, thinking of that color against his cock.

Authors Notes[edit]

This story was nothing more than an excuse to write a makeup/rough oral scene and while the story stops with that, the characters have spiraled out into a shared world, SEQ. Keep your eyes peeled for an appearance by Harper and Loren as well as Keith and Zachery from You said Yes as I said Please in Issue 50.

This story wouldn't have been possible without my partner allowing me to borrow her Ruby Woo. A huge thank you to my beta readers, including the one who stated "I barely know how to put on powder." Nor would it have been possible without the songs "I am Not a Robot" by Marina and the Diamonds and Pretty Little Head by Eliza Rickman.

Again, this story is dedicated in memory of Akane Arisu, who would be rolling her eyes so hard at what I chose to write about.

Bonus Scene[edit]

I wrote 2,500 words of this story from Harper's point of view and then I realized it was all wrong and had to go back and rewrite it from Loren's POV. Once I did that, everything clicked into place and it was done in about 24 hours. As a bonus here is a bit from the unbeta-ed or edited first draft.

Loren stopped me, hand warm against my thigh. "...Harper," he said, in the tone I'd come to learn was his 'I have something important to tell you' voice. "What would you do if I asked you to make sure my eye makeup would run?"

My brain scrambled and ended up settling on an image of Loren on his knees with mascara running down his cheeks. I almost dropped the brush in my hand as my cock decided to take interest in that thought as my brain started to connect that question to his previous statement.

"I'd ask why you wanted to look fuckable and have make up designed to make you look debauched after being fucked?" I said, looking down at him with narrowed eyes.

Loren swallowed hard. "...because maybe I'd like you to top the shit out of me and I like being hard femme, and you like seeing pretty people with their makeup messed up after sex."

And it was a good thing that I wasn't currently putting liner or mascara on him, or might have stabbed him in the eye from shock. To my knowledge, Loren had never subbed before. But my dick was telling me "YES" so I tilted his head up and met his eyes. "I'd maybe tell you yes, ask you what your limits where, what you wanted your safewords to be. And tell you to wait until I finished your eyeshadow before answering," I told him, as a fit of random inspiration struck and I set to work enhancing his fuckablity, but really, even without makeup the man was stunning.

"Same as when I'm in charge," Loren said with a little smirk as I pulled away from him. "Red. Yellow." He looked up and met my eyes and I kept letting my cock do the thinking.

"You are...an extremely aggressive top. Or, let's face it Loren, a sadistic fuck." I pointed out as if he was not aware of this fact himself.

"I know, and you are too," he didn't take his eyes off mine, and I licked my lips as I thought about the implication of those words.

"Fucking?" I asked, voice hot.

"Oral or anal only," he said calmly, like we were talking about nothing important.

I nodded and leaned over him, fingers unnecessarily tight on his jaw as I tilted his head. "Close your eyes," it was an order, not a request. Loren's eyes fluttered closed and I traced a thick black line around his lashline, flicking it out and filling in the wing before repeating it on the other side. "Keep them closed," I told him, and he did.

Never in my life did I find putting makeup on someone so erotic. As his liner dried, I traced his lips with a vivid red and slicked gloss over them, before reaching for a cheap mascara and ordering him to open his eyes, laying it on thick.

I sat aside the rest of the makeup, cupping my hand against his cheek, enjoying the look of his face made up for me. For me. I shook my head to try and clear it as I stroked his jaw.

Lips slightly parted, Loren glanced up at me, looking equal parts shy, nervous, and aroused. "Fucking hell, Loren," Between the "fuck me" red lips, long spiky eyelashes, and eyeliner winged sharp enough to cut, I wanted nothing more than to see him choke on my cock until his mascara was running down his cheeks and that perfect red was stained against my skin.

"I need you to tell me this is what you want again," I demanded, my voice rough, maybe a little shaky if I was being honest with myself. It was too late, or was it too early by now? I glanced at the clock, red numbers telling me it was just after 4am. We were running on caffeine and lingering adrenaline from my show.

I wasn't completely sure we should be doing this, if our lack of sleep wasn't impairing Loren's ability to consent properly.

He reached up, long fingers wrapping around my wrist and squeezing, thumb sweeping against my pulse point. "Harper," his voice had gone all soft in ways that I'd never heard it before, "there is no one I trust more to do this to me, with me," he corrected himself. "Please, I want this from you."

Part of me wanted to tell him that, no, we need to wait until we were both awake. Hell, Loren and I hadn't ever even fucked before. Unless co-topping someone counted, and I wasn't counting it right now. We flirted, we cuddled, we traded tips on using floggers and how to turn kitchen utensils into effective impact toys. We were friends. Very good friends who flirted and tied boys up together, but still friends.

It wasn't for lack of desire that Loren and I hadn't fucked. In part because I, in what was becoming a rapidly incorrect assumption, didn't see a way you could throw two sadistic tops into a bedroom and make it work. I just stared at Loren for a moment while I waited for my sluggish brain to catch up after I had let my dick do the thinking.

"I crave to be on my knees," he admitted, voice low. He seemed to realize that I needed more reassurance. "I've worked so fucking hard to be taken seriously as a dom that I haven't let myself feel this in a very long time," pale blue eyes met mine and almost took my breath away. "I trust you to look at me after this and still see me."

Loren kept stroking his fingers against my wrist and I batted his hand away because while my brain had caught up, my cock was still trying to do the thinking. His touch was too distracting in the mind vs penis war that was going on in my body.