Flowers in the Jungle

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Flowers in the Jungle is a story written by Riba and illustrated by beili. It ran in Issue 56 at, and is mirrored at


Ray has been dragged unwillingly by his wife to the jungles of Katunga, an alien planet, in order to study the native culture. When his wife leaves to watch a ceremony for the women, Ray does his own exploring only to discover one of the never before seen adult males...

External Reviews[edit]

  • "A really asshole husband, and his xenoanthropologist wife study a very unusual species. May have some mild consent considerations, but really the guy is enough of an asshole (and it’s dub-con enough) that you mostly don’t care (like he’s into it, but might be pretending not to be into it, just so he can later say he wasn’t into it…basically, he’s an asshole). Also, pussy-flowers."
  • "stands out for being the only story in the issue with a bad guy in it. He's a real piece of work! We follow him (he's a scientist who married for money) to an alien jungle where he gets himself exposed to sex pollen and assaulted by one of the unique locals. A very kinky story that stands out among a big batch of kinky stories!"