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Error Borealis is a story written and illustrated by Iron Eater. It ran in Issue 65 at, and is mirrored at


When the prince goes missing (again), Sir Iame decides to do some detective work.

Prince Borealis, heir to the throne of all Fairyland, was the sort of man who looked like he was posing for a painting no matter what he did, and so even though he was clearly despondent Sir Iame couldn't help but admire the graceful curve of his throat and the way the muted sunlight fell across Prince Borealis's sand-colored skin. He couldn't so much as step in a mud puddle without oozing aesthetics. That he'd bothered with a garden-variety human like Sir Iame was no less of a wonder now than it had been when they'd first announced their engagement.

"I've already had my meal for the day," the prince sighed. His voice was pained, though not so much that it lost the lilting accent Sir Iame had grown to adore over the past year and change. "Please leave me."

"So this is where you've been wandering off to," said Sir Iame as he closed the door behind him.


Error Borealis is based, albeit extraordinarily loosely, on the NES port of Hydlide.

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Author's Notes[edit]

Surprise, surprise, it's an Iron Eater story with a dominant smaller partner and a submissive bigger one! I'm sure everyone is shocked. This was written because I wanted to see how far I could take the absolute worst idea I could think of and still get something usable. I'd say it worked out!

Sir Iame's name is a variant of "James," a nod to the aforementioned game's protagonist, Jim. Prince Borealis is in turn a variant of "Varalys." The ceremonial Aelfenplate is a detail from the Sega Saturn's Virtual Hydlide (link provided above), as the Fairy Armor from that title is some of the goofiest crap you ever will see, even adjusting for the awkward digitized sprites. This isn't even the first time I've used video games as inspiration, but it's easily one of the silliest.

I ended up rewriting the introduction of this piece something like three or four times, each time scooting things closer and closer to the Big Reveal. I considered going into more detail about Fairyland, or showing a brief tournament (including that riding frog), or even having Iame show up while the prince had already transformed, but I'm pretty happy with how things worked out. Despite being one of my shorter pieces and being started well in advance this story fought me up until a mere few days before the due date. Thank goodness for quick-reading betas (cheers, Sparklebeard!).