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Eleison ran in Issue 15 and was submitted by Koiwa Shishiko. It's published at s2b2.livejournal.com/89129.html and mirrored at shousetsubangbang.com/mirror/eleison.

It originally ran without art, but a piece was submitted in an art challenge by Andeburu later.


A Carthusian monk finds himself responsible for the recovery of an injured angel.

It was well after the midnight office when the crash called Hugh outside to his garden. Enclosed as it was by the walls of his cell and the one next to his, the noise was perhaps louder than it should have been, though it didn't seem that it had stirred any of Hugh's brothers from their own beds. He stumbled outside barefoot, groggy and squinting at what he supposed must be an owl caught in the bean trellis in pursuit of a mouse; he found the trellis smashed. The moon was full and made everything look unreal, which somehow made absorbing the scene before him easier.


As of this writing, Eleison has no known connections to any other stories or settings.