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Detritus is a comic by Iron Eater. It ran in Artist Special 6 at, and is mirrored at


A fisherman's foreign houseguest has been getting under his skin, but it's more than shyness that keeps him from making a move.

S2b2warning.png Content Warning: Violence, Survivor's Guilt

The author wishes to note that this comic contains some sensitive material, particularly the obscured but onscreen murder of an unnamed character; exploration of depression, grieving, and guilt for not dying when one "should" have; frequent handling and consumption of rice wine; and some animal harm in the form of beheading, then eating, a freshly-caught fish.

This story contains no human characters.


This comic takes place in the same world as the Rhoanish Works series and mentions events that happened in Seismic Gap. Chronologically it's somewhere in the late spring or early summer after Hymns of Orogenesis. Reading any of these stories is not required to understand the plot, though they can provide extra context for certain scenes and situations.


This comic was a completely digital creation. It was thumbnailed, pencilled, inked, textured, and lettered entirely in Clip Studio Paint EX v.1.5.4.

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Artist's Notes[edit]

This is the biggest single project I've ever undertaken.

That's the long and the short of it: I'd previously done a 24-page comic for a previous Artist's Special (The Seal and the Skraeling), but this monster is sixty pages long. I wrote the script and did layout sketches for everything over the course of a few weeks, then took about a month to pencil everything at full size, another month for inks, and a third month to do all the fussy little textures drawn on everything. The speech and sound effects work was interspersed throughout. I very easily could've continued putting details on this for weeks but had to decide a point at which it was Good Enough.

When I mention working on things for months, I mean that in the terms of putting 6-8 hours a workday into artwork. I took weekends off to keep from aggravating my repetitive stress injury, but other than that it was essentially a full-time job. I'm proud of myself for budgeting my time to allow for things like rest days, sick days, a week-long vacation to visit family, and the occasional day when I just threw up my hands and said "I don't wanna," because I still finished ahead of my due date.

I wasn't sure if this would be considered a proper format for the issue, as it is, in a word, stonkingly huge for a single entry, but as you have probably noticed I was waved on through with a blessing from Heaven. Suggestion to future contributors: submit sketchy layouts AND a plaintext script if you're doing something huge, it makes it much easier for people to tell what's going on.

My "text check" proofing copy was sent in as a PDF that had missing textures on a lot of pages, including the entire sex scene. If nothing else at least it helped people appreciate the before and after stages?

As for the art, I've found I'm happiest when using comics as a Funny Face Delivery System, and had a grand old time drawing wild takes aplenty. Ratcheting up Oroitz's emotional reactions to things helped me get more of a bead on his character, while having Euria talk about the person he used to be provided some much-needed context for such a visual-heavy story. Bouncing his vast amounts of nervous energy off of Kuradh's even-keel congeniality was a lot of fun to write. It's also safe to assume that Kuradh has a pretty strong Rhoanish accent, as he's only been speaking the local language for a few months, but as I'm not sure how that'd sound I decided to just keep his vocabulary basic and strip out contractions and most slang.

While it made extra work for me, I was pretty satisfied with the number of costume changes involved here. While I probably could have made Oroitz's sarong worn in a somewhat fancier style, I only had so much time and energy available, and him wearing what amounts to a fabric tube works just fine here. I'm still not entirely sure of the significance of his little headphones-looking headband thing save that it's something Usoan adults wear and you don't let people see you with it off.

For those worried, this comic is not taking the place of my usual "one orc story a year" limit, even though certain parties have a cameo.

Thank you to the editing team for greenlighting this big, overly ambitious project of mine, and thank you to all my friends and loved ones who supported me during the entire mess. Guess I'll probably be doing more of these! Just...maybe not so huge.