Cream Puff

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Cream Puff is a story written by TK Hoshikuzu. It ran in Issue 67 at


Everything can be solved with sweets and alcohol.

Author Notes[edit]

Contemporary slice-of-life genre stories are my favorite to write and read. I know that kind of story can be boring, but this was challenging for me because it's not really happy. Joey is a character I've wanted to write about for a really, really long time, so I'm glad that I was finally able to produce something semi-polished. I'd like to keep going, though maybe not through SSBB. Also, I'm not sure it was clear, but I hope the readers can guess how these two will end up.

Finally, I tried making those chocolate cream puffs with rum cream. Two of the eggs had two yolks in it, which made the pastry eggy, and I was overzealous with the rum, but it was yummy and feasible! I'm not much of a baker though.