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Competition is a standalone illustration by Iron Eater. It originally ran in Issue 55 at, and is mirrored at


This piece was created entirely in Clip Studio Paint (AKA Manga Studio 5) using a combination of default and custom Frenden brushes. The dancers' pose heavily references assorted professional ballroom dancing photography, though the dancers themselves aren't based on anyone in particular.

Artist's Notes[edit]

Mostly this was an excuse for a visual pun. I had to completely scrap and redo the coloring on this one a few times, including one version where the dress wasn't originally green! I had that AC/DC song in my head for a lot of it.

I also want to be absolutely clear this isn't meant to be mean-spirited "man in a dress" humor: the dancer in green is confident and comfortable in his frock, and the joke here is that it's a different kind of competitive sport that still involves the word "balls." He's the more hirsute of the two because it makes him more obviously masculine at a glance (contrast with his longer-haired but clean-shaven dance partner) and because I have a thing for huge bearded men in pretty clothes, so there you go.