Circles in the Sands of Time

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Circles in the Sands of Time is a story written by Rosei Aki. It ran in Issue 43 and can be found at and


Shoichi didn't exactly ask to be catapulted into a shoujo manga by finding out he's one of the Celestial Guardians, but he's mostly getting the hang of it, transforming into Guardian Luna to fight the Infernal Multitude, and attempting to recover the mysterious Shards. At least until he starts to wonder about the elusive Kestrel, who seems to be working against both the Guardians and the Multitude...


Circles in the Sands of Time is the prototype for Celestial Chronicle, currently in progress.

Related Links[edit]

Also available on Archive of Our Own under the pseud Atalan. Celestial Chronicle can be found on Dreamwidth.

Author's Notes[edit]

Sailor Moon was my first real fandom. Ever since, I've had a tendency to idly throw characters from whatever my current fandom is into the Sailor Moon setting to see what happens. It gets especially interesting when said characters are not girls, and/or have a somehwat more cynical view of destiny... the eventual end result was this homage/blatant rip-off featuring a magical girl team composed not only of girls, and a mystical ancient guardian who has way too much of an agenda of her own. Plus bonus asides on gender essentialism!

As of August 2014 I decided to do something with the ridiculously expansive backstory, i.e. write the actual co-ed magical girl series I was trying to give the impression of in "Circles". Currently I'm posting excerpts and bits of art on Dreamwidth.