Careful the Spell You Cast

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Careful the Spell You Cast is a story written by Wakahisa Rei. It ran in Issue 80 at


When Iggy finds out Dr. Mary Rupert is attempting to continue the research that ruined Iggy's life, she's determined to stop Mary. But talking to Mary leads to more introspection than Iggy ever planned on doing.

Author's Notes[edit]

This story started out as a self-indulgent attempt at writing messy and unpleasant, but brilliant women*, since I normally only see white dudes getting the honor and still being treated as sympathetic. Granted, woman isn't exactly the best word to describe Iggy. She's more agender than anything else, but introspection isn't exactly her strong suit, so she hasn't had time to explore her gender or what that means to her. Messy, though, still very much describes poor Iggy and I hope ya'll have as much fun reading about that as I had writing it.