Care and Feeding

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Care and Feeding is a story written by Shinju Yuri and illustrated by sakkiarte. It ran in Issue 6 at, and is mirrored at


From "Sakito, trainee chef, gets pestered by Hiraku, who says he's a fox, and he falls for him."

Author's Notes[edit]

(as always thank you to everybody who ever listened to me whine on LJ and then told me what I was doing wrong, and also to Sakkit, zee partner in crime. ♥)

External Reviews[edit]

What a sweet (in all senses of the word) and lovely treat – rich, sensual, very, very funny, and a romantic and touching fairy tale as well as being a non-sappy story of two boys in love (one of whom is a kitsune – Japanese fox spirit). Some delicious illustrations and recipes, deftly written and engaging. Very much recommended.
  • "love the reincarnation in here, how sakito is both someone completely new and at once familiar. and hiraku's loyalty, never tamed but fierce in his devotion"