Cables To Cobwebs

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Cables To Cobwebs is a story written by B. B. Dox. It ran in Issue 21 at, and is mirrored at


From "Ninja Koya and pirate Jody."

From "Though he has misgivings about his Lord Imayano's dealings with the corsairs, Koya is still unable to help being drawn to the magnetic First Mate Jody nor to dismiss the offer of a position on the Sound and Fury."

Author's Notes[edit]

External Reviews[edit]

  • "The title of this story come from a Chinese saying: Habits are cobwebs at first, cables at last. Action, intrigue, drugs, scheming underhanded lords, hot silent yet deadly ninjas, dead lovers, switched identities, hot sex, blackmail, betrayal, arranged marriages, happily ever after...this story has it all"
  • "Koya, ninja, is unsure about bargaining with corsairs but it isn't their treachery he needs to worry about. Nicely developed world with a great interaction between the characters and lots of intrigue. Plotty and interesting."
  • "It's rare than people think it is for me to both love a story AND enjoy the process of reading it, but this? This I found so much fun to read. :D I was completely engrossed the entire time. The whole thing was well done, I thought, from plot to characterization (the main character and his love interest were so well crafted), but especially dialogue. [: Author managed to get so many things across without vomiting words all over the screen. S/he has a great writing style, and such a lovely voice."