Berliner Luft

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Berliner Luft is a story written by Shikkoku no Suzu and illustrated by staringatsuns. It ran in Issue 41 at, and is mirrored at


From the author: "Jim wants to go to Berlin for the cabarets, the prostitutes, and the madness; Alfred wants to go because Jim's going."

From "Cabaret, essentially, with a pair of Englishmen, a shy man with a crush on his gleefully bohemian friend, sampling the decadent life."

From "In the 1930s, young Englishmen Alfred (shy virgin) and Jim (uninhibited writer), end up in Berlin and the decadent club known as the Unspeakable. It's all very Cabaret and Isherwood. Contains people doing cocaine decadently, a sexy singer that I imagined to be played by Marlene Dietrich, deflowering, and a threesome."