Awaiting Sir's Inspection

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Awaiting Sir's Inspection is a standalone image by Iron Eater. It ran in Issue 78 at


This image was created entirely in Clip Studio Paint EX (AKA Manga Studio 5 EX), using binary 6B pencil brushes for the inks and cel-style shadows. The background pattern is from a series of modified period wallpaper patterns converted to brushes by a peer of mine.

Artist's Notes[edit]

Sometimes you just want to draw a guy in a suit wearing an improbably tight metal collar just above his Adam's apple, so that's what you draw. As I spent much of March moving I felt it wise to make art instead of a suitably-developed story; given how we ended up one able-bodied person/rented vehicle shorter than expected due to flight cancellations this turned out to be a wise move.

I'd toyed with making whoever is holding the tie (presumably the eponymous "Sir") actually in the shot. Fool that I was I neglected to account for this when blocking out the image on its original canvas dimensions, and upon realizing I'd be covering up bits of the subject's anatomy I felt looked rather nice I opted for a more implied presence, instead. This arguably makes the situation all the more intriguing! I'm still quite pleased with the face (especially the eyebrows). The suit itself isn't based on anything particular save for some reference images I used to make the lapels and pocket square get along a little better.

Just how on board our well-dressed subject is with the situation is left as an exercise to the viewer.