Ash and Incense

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Ash and Incense is a story written and illustrated by Iron Eater. It ran in Issue 39 and can be found at and


In which two characters of varying adventuring experience have a conversation while keeping out of the rain.

Fayz stood on the other side of the threshold, his black robes soaked through and a miserable expression painted on his face. He clutched his basket of ruined and sopping pamphlets to his chest even as their ink smeared and ran into a further illegible mess. His short indigo hair was plastered to his head, rivulets of moisture trickling across the deep blue markings that framed his pale skin and identified him as being of sura blood. While it was difficult to tell at first, not all of it was rainwater; his eyes were brimming with tears.

"H-hello," he stammered. "M-my name is Fayz the Kind, s-s-sworn poor-knight of the F-F-Fellowship of Hope, and can I please come inside, Agni?"

From "An earnest young cult member is friends with a retired warrior. Kind of Discworld-y in tone, relationship has an age difference."


Ash and Incense is Dungeons and Dragons fanfic based on the author and her husband's campaign world. It has no ties to other S2B2 stories.

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