As You Wish

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As You Wish is a story written by Kougyoku. It was published in 2010 in Issue 25 (theme: 25 rooms) and can be found at, and


When it comes down to it, Arthur is rather privileged. There aren't many in service who'd give up the chance to work as a valet for the heir of the Brinsley family. He gets good meals, a good wage, a crisp set of clothes, and if he plays his cards right, he may even make his way up to butler by the time he's 30: a worthy achievement by all counts. He's well-liked. He's respected. And, God help him, he thinks he might be in love.

Historical fiction set in the 1920s. Written for the prompt: the servants' quarters. The story focuses on the relationship between the young, irresponsible heir of a country estate and his loyal valet.

Themes include master/servant dynamics and unresolved sexual tension (UST).

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