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Aosora Hikaru (青空ヒカル) is the pseudonym of someone named Erin. You can find them on tumblr at analogwatch and on twitter at @analogwatch, but if you want to see them ramble about all the stories they're writing feverishly for Shousetsu Bang*Bang, you should probably look for them on twitter at @AosoraHikaru because people from church follow them on their other twitter and that's just weird. Never cross the streams.

Though they will answer to she/her/hers pronouns, they prefer they/them/their. Their gender is a somewhat strange beast of the genderqueer variety, with a strong male leaning. They've always felt this is important, considering the subject matter of which they write most frequently. (That being, of course, dudes loving dudes.)

Aosora Hikaru is an author (almost) exclusively, though they have delusions of becoming an illustrator as well. (This delusion was made reality with Issue 63's submission, Raincoats and Rolling Pins!)


Aosora Hikaru has written the following stories: