A Wild Call and a Clear Call

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A Wild Call and a Clear Call is a story written by Okō. It ran in Issue 74 at http://www.shousetsubangbang.com/mirror/a-wild-call-and-a-clear-call/


Hiram Kalloway joined the naval service at the late age of thirteen, his mother having insisted on him remaining home until that age in order to gain some additional polish.

Over the years, Hiram gained a reputation for being an odd, bookish sort, but a fair enough captain who fought like a devil and read the sea like a lover, and kept to himself for the most part. Hiram knew he had a good reputation, as these things went, but also rather a peculiar one. He swam, because he liked it, which was considered very odd, and he did not eat jellied desserts, because he did not like them. He detested any number of naval practices that were standard on other ships, and turned a blind eye to others, and as a result he had been called an odd duck more than once.

And that was all fine, until he met Isaac Upton, a ship's master with a sharp tongue and a sharper temper, a man who seemed willing to castigate any and all members of the Admiralty who were inclined to cheat his captain, regardless of their power or influence.


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Author's Notes:[edit]

This is a combination of reading too much Patrick O'Brien at an impressionable age, watching terrible anime, reading about the history of Anglo-American attitudes to homosexuality, and teaching Western European Colonial history. Um. You're welcome?

But seriously, I got to write a naval-officers-plus-canadian-shack story. I have no regrets.

Related Works:[edit]

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