A Visit From Nick

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A Visit From Nick is a story written by Purrsia. It ran in Issue 13 and can be read on LJ, and is mirrored at shousetsubangbang.com.


From pinboard.in: "Low-key and really really lovely. Ed has to pawn his guitar to get by, and Nick promises to look after it for him."

From delicious.com: "really lovely, simple piece about Ed, a pawn shop owner, and Nick, a tile-layer who doesn't want to have to pawn his guitar but would also like to eat occasionally."

Nick's place was nice, for a pawnshop, and he seemed to be more honest than the other places in town. It was kind of fun just to see what people were selling, and I'd picked up a couple of presents for my sister when cash was tight.

Nick was the owner, and as far as I could tell the only employee; he was the only guy I'd even seen behind the counter, anyway. He smiled when he saw me, then frowned when he saw the guitar case. "I prefer to see you here as a purchaser."

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