A Night in Blue

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A Night in Blue is a story written by Tamari Erin and illustrated by Cao Ku. It ran in Issue 8 at http://s2b2.livejournal.com/32718.html, and is mirrored at http://www.shousetsubangbang.com/mirror/a-night-in-blue/.


This is the first story in the A Night in Blue series.


After rescuing a mysterious boy from the predatory advances of his new Company, 2nd Lt. Simenon finds himself in more trouble than he expected.

Author's Notes[edit]

In the original outline, I had the characters actually mention by name the source of Darael's magic -- orgone. Basically, if you've read either the Invisibles or Casanova you know what it is. It's a crazy, made-up particle that id generated/emitted during sex acts. Whenever you have an orgasm, you release orgone, and that's what Darael feeds on. In the finished draft, it's only mentioned that he uses sex and lust and desire as fuel, and that when he uses his magic, he is surrounded by a faint blue light. (Orgone is supposed to glow blue.)

Darael's general look was slightly based on Ranewater Calder from Tite Kubo's Zombie Powder, an ancient, evil man who looks like a teenager and occasionally acts the victim to get what he wants. (Well, until Gamma cuts him in half.)

If he was in any other story, Simenon would totally be the uke. The only reason he's on top is because if Darael is on the bottom there's a better chance that the person he's sleeping with will get it off and give him what he needs.

Originally, Sir Nigellus was much more Batou-like, but after my illustrator sent me a preliminary sketch of him, where he looked like a crusty, anime-ish Sgt. Rock, I completely revised my opinion on the character and revamped him to how he is in the story. (The original Sir Nigellus would never have had Simenon alone with him in his tent for a smoke.) I'm glad I did, because I like this new one a *lot* better.

There was supposed to be much more discussion about the Furure and the atavist tribes (and I wish I'd included at least a brief description about them when they finally attack the camp). They were supposed to be sort of like the Reavers from Firefly, except also weird animal-like genetic mutations.

Half of me wants to write a sequel and half of me just balks at the idea because I don't think the end would work as it does if we do find out whether Simenon took Dara back or not.

(From http://dipping-sauce.livejournal.com/154711.html, written 2006-12-23)

Parting the Kimono[edit]

Aaron the Clanker is named after Aaron Stack, the Machine Man, best known from the Marvel comics series Nextwave by Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen, where he is repeatedly referred to as 'Clanky' by the other characters.

If you haven't read Nextwave, you really should, and if you have we should be friends.

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