Shousetsu Bang*Bang is a webzine for original gay fiction/boy's love oneshot stories. Issues are published bimonthly, with special issues in the spring and fall, and all are available online for free.

Established in 2005, Shousetsu Bang*Bang is intended as an online, English-language text equivalent of one of those All Yomikiri Bimonthly Summer Special 100 Extra Pages!! manga phonebooks where every story is a complete romance, self-contained in 30 pages, and heartwarmingly predictable. All stories in the regular issues contain stories of romance between men, are between 1500 and 23,000 words, and include explicit male-male sexual content. The special spring issue shifts the focus to women, and all stories in that issue include explicit female-female sexual content. Though tone and subject vary from story to story, the spirit of the 'zine is one that encourages true love and happy endings.

We welcome all writers to contribute original material to issues! Complete rules and guildelines for text submissions can be found here. Signups are posted two months prior to each issue's publication date, though these are neither mandatory nor binding. Artists traditionally publish under pseudonyms, as in the style of contributors to yaoi manga collections, but are not required to maintain anonymity.

Artists are also encouraged to participate, both by illustrating for authors and creating original standalone pieces. Complete guidelines for art submissons can be found here, and artists wishing to offer illustration services should do so in the signup post for each issue. In addition, the special fall issue welcomes contributions of short, original comics.

Submissions are always open. Send in your story or artwork as an email attachment to shousetsubangbang at gmail dot com. Please read the rules and guidelines first.

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