Come In From The Cold

“Hello, this is Ken-ken. I can’t answer the phone right now so leave a message and your number after the tone. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!”

“Ken? You’re there, aren’t you? Please pick up. Just… I’m sorry I said all that. I’m outside, I’ll be here for the next ten min—”


“Ten minutes,” Shion said, his voice frostier than the weather. Snow was falling now, onto his hair and face and jacket. A branded one, of course; he needed to keep up his image. “You’ve got ten minutes to talk before I go home and burn paper effigies of you.”



by Hana Chikai (羽名血海)
illustrated by tashigi

(mirrors http://s2b2.livejournal.com/118505.html)

illustrated by Kin Nori

“Weigh anchor!”

The familiar call rings out across the scuffed wood and billows the sails as they unfurl from the mast. Well-worn boot soles pound the deck as all hands are put to the myriad tasks involved in leaving port.

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Safety Net

by hColleen

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“I’ve had it!” The shrill voice echoed though the room, rebounding off windows and walls, each adding their own contribution to the declaration. David’s mother glared at him from the doorway, her brown eyes lit with the rage directed at her son. Though only four foot ten, she somehow managed to tower over her five foot four son. “You want space, you want freedom, then get out!” She stepped aside, pointing out the door. “I’m sick and tired of you coming in at all hours of the night and sleeping all day! Why can’t you be like your brother and get a job?”

“But Ma,” David began only to be cut off.

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by Hana Chikai (羽名血海)
illustrated by tashigi

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Benjamin Ong should be the model instead of the one behind the scenes. Clad in a pair of Levis 501s, a lavender Calvin Klein shirt and a black jacket of his own design, the twenty-four year old designer is every inch the epitome of a pretty boy, with a warm smile, glowing skin and perfectly-styled brown hair (psst – he spends 25 minutes on his crowning glory every morning! How’s that for metro?).

And as if good looks and talent (he plays the guitar and piano, and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Media Design) weren’t enough, the self-professed caffeine junkie, who was on his third coffee of the day during this interview, co-owns a successful online clothing shop with his best friend and business partner, Ridhuan bin Ahmad.

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