The Breathing Lessons

by shukyou (主教)
illustrated by Tamago

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He showed up three months after the memorials had ended, which was three months of accepting fate after a little over a year of hope. But hope had been stupid from the beginning, because ships that got lost in the night didn’t have happy endings.

Time and facing facts hadn’t made the house any less empty, though, not with one-third of its inhabitants gone for good. Condolence cards had stopped coming. All the well-wishers’ cookware had been emptied, washed, and returned. Sympathy ribbons from fans had worn away from the fence, with no new ones tied there to replace them. And no one came anymore to visit.

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Our Lives in These Empty Spaces Aside

by shukyou (主教)
illustrated by Tamago (卵)

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My name is Rainer, and I’m an alcoholic.

It’s how stories start, if you’re one of us. Hell, if you’re one of us, there’s no other way a story can start. My name is Mary, and I’m an alcoholic, and here’s the time I got fired from my job. My name is Chuck, and I’m an alcoholic, and here’s why my kids don’t speak to me anymore. Everything that came before, everything that’s come since, all of it prefaced by who I am and what my problem is. Everything colored by how I could slip back into a bottle at a moment’s notice. It’s a warning sign, a BEWARE OF DOG six feet tall and smelling like a half-empty glass.

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