by Shirozubon Saruko (城図凡然る子) Looking up at the dark cave-mouth of the place where she would die, all Li Hua could think was that it was actually sort of a relief. The past weeks had been an endless ordeal: solemn banquets where everyone was miserable, being dressed and preened and polished by servants who were […]



by Shirozubon Saruko illustrated by Iron Eater Ilya was shaken awake by a rough hand, and blinked up at a candle’s glow in the dark. It lit the sharp planes of Brother Yuri’s strong, square face, now wide-eyed and drum-tight with fear and alarm. “Brother Ilya, please help us,” Yuri said as soon as he […]


Say No To The Dress

by Shirozubon Saruko (城図凡然る子)   Jill took a deep breath, and set her shoulders. In three more hours, this would all be over. She could get through it. She’d be fine. The Jill in the mirror looked less confident about the prospect – but then, you kind of couldn’t blame her, once you took a […]