by Shin De (シン・デ)

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It had been years since, but it was still vivid in the way that cherished memories were, and simple in the way that only kids could remember.

Things had been far less complicated then. You could get away with a lot when you were seven. His mother had thought it cute, his father had been bemused. But what they thought hadn’t mattered as much as how his gift would be received. Sometimes when he remembered, Shin both wondered and grimaced at the impossibly possible thing it had been. When you were that young you just didn’t think about rejection or humiliation or any of the other crushing letdowns that could happen when you were a boy giving chocolates to another boy.

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These Hands

by Shin De (シン・デ)

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Miyagi Kei sat two rows down from the back and three rows across from the windows, a small island of diligent solitude and duty. Hagizawa Ryoji sat in front of him, and the distance between them was bigger and deeper than an arm’s span. In between classes Miyagi would complete his homework or read, and during class breaks he abandoned his desk altogether in favour of the library. This was largely because the people who gravitated towards Hagizawa’s desk usually wound up crowding into his space, and Kei saw no point in defending it.

But when class was in session and everyone was in their seats, Kei couldn’t help watching the boy in front of him. Hagizawa stood out easily, with his height and broad shoulders. He also had spiked, bleached hair and a stud in one ear, which the teachers let him get away with because he had good grades and a charming smile. It was the same smile that had enchanted and then broken plenty of hearts. Hagizawa Ryoji was easygoing and always good for some fun, but he was also supposed to be something of a player, the rumours having followed him out of junior high.

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