What Found Me in the Undercroft

by SeishinNoUwagi (精神の上着)

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Varrigboy Castle was neither the furthest destination I’d pursued in the line of my employment, nor the most difficult to reach, but before its towers rose above the horizon I already felt lost at the ends of the earth. The boat tipped beneath me, spray stinging my eyes like angry tears. At my back Rathlin Island spread like a dark cloud staining the water. The lights of Beag Cary were hidden behind the broken spine of the shore, but even in passing they had seemed cold and impossibly far away.

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True North

by SeishinNoUwagi (精神の上着)
illustrated by Enkaiein

Listen, little one: In the beginning times, before the true dawn, the Gods made a man and a woman out of mud. They were the first people, and the man was sent to work the earth and the woman to weave thread and spin cotton robes. But mud is stupid, and the mud people could neither fulfill their tasks nor raise their eyes from the ground. They were imperfect beings, and so the Gods destroyed them.

The next people were made of wood. They were a race of giants, much larger than you or me. They towered like the trees that had sacrificed themselves for the Gods’ creation. The wooden people multiplied and filled every corner of the land. Wood is strong, but it is also forgetful. The new people forgot the Gods and did not pay them homage. They were destroyed with fire and flood.

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