A Holiday Affair

by Riba
illustrated by Yin Twig

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A cold wind blew through the streets, sending swirls of snowflakes to dance around the lone figure trudging through the new coat of white. Chris’ cheeks were red from the gusts, but he couldn’t bring himself to hunch forward into his coat to protect his skin. Giddy with excitement, he reveled in the glistening white powder as it sparkled in the light of the street lamps that cut through the night’s darkness.

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Heart of Ice

by Yin Twig
illustrated by Riba

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Louisa, Queen of the Northlands, sat by the open window of the tallest tower of Castle North and gazed moodily at the snowy city. The wind rustled in her hair, pushing the thickly falling snow into the small enclosure. She was often there these days, as far away as she could get from him.

Perched on the stone ledge she placed a candle beside her, which sputtered in the powerful winds. Out of a box, she pulled a letter written on scented paper, sealed with a kiss. This, she held over the candle and watched the flames take the corner and then slowly envelop the rest of the lie-drenched epistle.

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Castillo de Cruzito

by Riba

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Ion stood in the open doorway looking into a 3rd year class at Castillo de Cruzito, his university’s campus in Spain, where he was finishing up the last semester of his international exchange program. He scanned the room, feeling himself flush as the ten students and professor stared at him accusingly for disturbing their lecture.

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Flowers in the Jungle

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Ray tried to contain a shudder as his wife, Pamela, dipped a wooden bowl into a mass of squirming grubs and handed it to him before taking one for herself. He smiled at her, doing his best to maintain his fake look of love and adoration. Only eight more years until the pre-nup would be void.

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