A mon seul désir

by Reddoraion no ōjo (レッドライオンの王女)

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It is a cooling, chilling time of year, a time of falling leaves. People listen to stories told around crackling orange fires and believe curious things. Strange things still sometimes happen.

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The Queen’s Dancing Girl

by Reddoraion no ōjo (レッドライオンの王女)

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Amoret is tucked behind a tapestry, her palms sweating, her mouth suddenly dry. She’s been naked before; the Queen and her lover are no strangers to Amoret’s pale body, know every curve and secret place of the Queen’s pretty bedwarmer, but Amoret has never felt so naked before. She trembles behind the tapestry, suddenly afraid that she won’t do well, that she’s a noble girl whose dancing is all the squares and lines and circles of the ballroom downstairs – what does she know of the girls who dance in dresses like this? It’s ruby silk, almost the twin to her hair, sheer enough for them to see everything from Amoret’s pretty breasts to her cunt and all things above and below, slit up to the thigh and plunging almost to her navel; there are anklets of bells and coins that transform Amoret’s trembling into a delicate music.

“Don’t fear,” whispered Sir Gerard when he’d thrust the leather bundle into her arms that afternoon. “Your Lady’s looking for pleasure, and you delight her.” He leaned close, his breath hot on her ear. “As you delight me; we both cannot do without our prettiest blossom.” He’d tucked a russet strand behind her ear. “If you already delight us, you can only add sweetness. And we know how much you love pleasure.”

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