A Realm Unexplored

by Okamoto Shin (岡本辛)
illustrated by beili


“Are you even paying attention back there or are you just daydreaming?” the man snapped to the skinny and scruffy-looking barista standing behind the counter. “Are you all idiots here or is it just you?”

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Mystery in the Adirondacks

by Okamoto Shin
illustrated by beili

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It started with my sister, Clementina Demetria Winslow, the poor thing, although we all called her Dot. As the youngest, Dot had always felt it incumbent on herself to be the biggest flirt out of the five of us. Although our older brother Randolph set quite the example—especially after his delicious scandal with Charlotte Cushing of the New York Cushings—Dot showed herself equal to the task.

That year, as we always did, the family sojourned at Upper St. Regis Lake in the Adirondacks. The Winslows had been coming here since time immemorial after one of my great-grandpapas had built “Blue Waters” in order to escape the heat and drudgery of the city during its summer months.

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The Ultimate Competition (or the art of beating your rival)

by Okamoto Shin (岡本辛)

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“What is he doing here?”

The speaker barely raised his voice, his harsh tone cutting through the group of students milling about.

Nate was tempted to look over in the direction of the voice, but Nate reminded himself that he wanted to keep his head down. No drama. Nate concentrated harder on the group of people surrounding him on the field, where everyone had collected and now talked to each other in small groups.

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