by Murakami Kasumi (村上かすみ)

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The sun wasn’t even fully up yet, and already the early summer day promised to be a scorcher. Sango stretched as she stood up from the milking, and promised herself that she’d get to those weeds in the far patch before the sun got too high. She gave the cow’s brown side an affectionate pat but ignored the calf in the next stall. No sense in getting attached to it anyway, she reasoned to herself as she grabbed the pail and left the small shed.

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An Impossible Meeting

by Murakami Kasumi (村上かすみ)

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It wasn’t the first time that Eric’s subconscious had a disagreement with his conscious mind, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last. He had to admit, his subconscious made a pretty convincing argument. There was no way he had just spilled his orange juice all over the attractive, rich-looking man completely by accident. His subconscious must have been the one calling the shots. Eric watched in abject horror as a drop of sticky juice dripped from the gentleman’s earlobe to fall onto his already-stained-beyond-repair, no doubt mercilessly expensive, dress shirt.

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Excerpted from The New Huntington Anthology of Queer Literature Vol. III, Fourth Edition

by Murakami Kasumi (村上かすみ)

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Excerpted from The New Huntington Anthology of Queer Literature Vol. III, Forth Edition

From Chapter 12: Asian Thematics in the Western Queer Tradition

The Lost Journals of General Jonathan Aller was published in 2189, six years after the death of presumed author Jonathan Aller. What seems to amount to the entirety of his journals from 2082 to 2131 was published in four volumes and The Lost Journals purports to be an ancillary volume of collected entries chronicling his erotic exploits with partner Troy Hilton. While the publisher, Scarlet Imprinting, maintains that the book represents actual journal selections written by Aller himself obtained through confidential sources, most critics now believe that the volume was in fact penned by Stephen Caranova, known primarily for his imaginative young adult novels and numerous volumes of erotic fiction written under the pen name Howard O’Brian. No definitive evidence validating either position, however, has been found in over 150 years and the question remains one of the great literary mysteries of our time.

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The New York Times: December 24, 2183

by Murakami Kasumi (村上かすみ)

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The New York Times
December 24, 2183

On December 23, at 8:34 in the am Standard Global Time General Jonathan Aller breathed his last after reaching 122 years of age. General Aller had been out of the political spotlight for over 2 years when declining health forced him to retire to his family’s historical German country estate where he lived out the remainder of his life.

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