Christmas Cookies

by Ms. C. Mouse

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Life sucks, thought Haru, as he stepped off the bus and nearly slipped on a patch of ice. He hated his commute from Sapporo to the countryside, but even more so on miserable winter days like this. The bus rumbled away, leaving Haru unprotected from a fierce blast of wind that sent the high school student staggering backwards.

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Luck Of The Draw

by Ms. C. Mouse

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The click of plastic hangers bumping against each other was the sound of seconds ticking away. Feeling dizzy from too many choices, Kenji scowled at the maid costume before him. After rejecting it, he shoved it aside. Click. This one was too girly. Click. This one had too much lace and ruffles. Click. This one did NOT have enough fabric. Click.

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A Cold Winter Night

by Ms. C. Mouse

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“Jump! Jump! Now go to the left.”

Henry gritted his teeth. “Shut up. I know what to do.”

“Watch out. No, use the sword. Hurry! Ah, you’re dead.”

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Saving Grace

by Ms. C. Mouse

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Gracie cried out as she woke up. The sensation of falling sent adrenaline pumping through her system. Her hands groped for anything solid. Her legs stiffened. A few seconds passed before her addled brain accepted the fact that the mattress under her wasn’t actually moving and allowed her fingers to let go of the bunched up cotton sheet. Breathing deeply, she tried to slow her heartbeat. The instinctual fear ebbed away.

It was bad enough to wake up with a mild hangover. The imagined fall – annoying in its own right – could only be karma’s first of many paybacks because of her stubborn ways. Now she recalled why she had downed those extra drinks, exceeding her limits. She pushed herself up with aching arms for a moment before collapsing back on the mattress. Her head hurt and her stomach was still dancing to the music of last night. She found herself wishing for a cool glass of water to wash away the cotton-dry feeling in her mouth.

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In A Cat’s Eyes

by Ms. C. Mouse

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In a cat’s eyes, all things belong to cats. – English Proverb

Bobby checked his watch again. Damn it, why couldn’t the last fifteen minutes of his shift pass by at a decent pace like the rest of the day? Tired of the long hours of catering to customers, he looked forward to going home so he could take off his uniform and change into some shorts. It wasn’t that he disliked working at the grocery store, or working in general, but it was summertime and he would have preferred to be out with his friends.

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by Ms. C. Mouse

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I knocked on the front door and waited for Kevin to answer. While I waited, I shifted the six-pack of beer to my right hand to balance out the weight of the small pack hanging on my left shoulder. The beer was my peace offering to Kevin. I was over an hour late and when he didn’t answer the door right away, I began to think that he might not be home. It was no big loss and besides it meant more beer for me. I turned to leave, but then I heard the thunk of the dead-bolt being drawn back and the rattle of the door knob.

Kevin opened the door and I immediately wondered if I had been set up. He had a towel draped around his neck and he was only wearing a pair of dark blue sweatpants. His short brown hair was spiked out at odd angles as if he had just finished rubbing it with the towel and I forced my eyes to meet his so I wouldn’t keep checking him out. However, there was still something arousing about the pink tinge to his freshly scrubbed face. “Hey, Tom,” he said, “Come on in. I got home about twenty minutes ago.

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Just A Tuesday Afternoon

by Ms. C. Mouse

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Eric wasn’t surprised to find the front door ajar and the key in the lock when he returned home from school. His brother Jon was such an airhead. The kid was in 8th grade now, but he couldn’t scrape together enough common sense to take care of himself. Obnoxiously loud cartoon sound effects assaulted Eric’s ears as he entered the house, making his shoulders tense. Removing the key and shutting the door behind him, he told himself to keep thinking about graduating in June and moving away to college.

On most afternoons, Eric went directly to his part time job instead of coming home first. Unfortunately for him, his boss, who happened to be his aunt, had given him the evening off so Eric’s mother and father could meet up for a romantic dinner after work. Karen – Eric and Jon’s sixteen year old sister – usually watched Jon if their parents were going to be late, but she had already made plans to go to a movie with her friends and hang out at the mall afterwards. It was obvious to Eric that the whole family was conspiring against him.

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