by Matsu Kasumi

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Paris, May 1629

Ueli held back a sigh and tightened his hold on his halberd as he went with Thomas to replace their comrades. It was their last guarding spot for the day; two hours there and they could report to Lieutenant Stämpfli and then attend to their own business. For Ueli, this business would be simple: he would eat something, then go to sleep as soon as possible. He was really tired, since he had been nice enough to take his comrade Andreas’ shift on top of his own and had been standing in front of various doors of the Louvre for some fourteen hours now. Both shifts had been calm, and now he was growing weary.

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Queen Zahr’s Revenge

by Matsu Kasumi
illustrated by beili

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Lax System, November 2036

Lewis was in the firing turret, observing Del, the gigantic space station that was getting smaller in the distance. The turret was Lewis’ favourite place because it was the only part of the Queen Zahr’s Revenge that had actual windows instead of the more practical, but less personal, screens that were everywhere else.

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by Matsu Kasumi

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Paris, mai 1629

Ueli retint un soupire et resserra sa prise sur sa hallebarde en regardant s’éloigner les deux Gardes Suisses que Thomas et lui venaient de remplacer. C’était leur dernier poste de la journée et, dans deux heures, ils pourraient aller faire leur rapport au lieutenant Stämpfli et seraient ensuite libres de vaquer à leurs occupations.
Pour Ueli, ces occupations seraient très simples : il avalerait un repas léger et irait se coucher. En effet, il avait accepté de prendre le tour de garde de son camarade Andreas en plus du sien et était donc debout devant diverses portes du Palais Royal du Louvre depuis quelques quatorze heures. Les deux tours de garde avaient été calmes, et la fatigue commençait à se faire sentir.

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Keith Lewis looked in the mirror, sighed, and adjusted his tie once again. The damn thing didn’t look any better no matter what he did. He was about to give up when he heard a giggle. He turned around and noticed his sister, Tara, in the doorway.

“Need some help?”

Lewis was not proud enough to refuse.

“If you don’t mind,” he answered, undoing the tie and letting it hang around his neck.

“Didn’t they teach you to do this in military school?”

She put the tie around her own neck to make a perfect knot before putting it back around Lewis’ neck.


A Divinis

Florence, June 1633.

The night had already fallen when Professor Leandro Lazzaro left the university to go home. He had been staying late to work on a new theory every evening this week and today was not different. He was hoping to finish a new book about the relation between the moon’s phases and one’s spell-power before the end of the month – he would have finished it long ago if it weren’t for his current problems with the Church.

Leandro was a man in his mid-forties, but looked a bit older, due to his hair’s having turned completely gray in the last few months. He was of average build and, if asked, he would say there was nothing noticeable about his appearance. If you asked the ladies, though, they would tell you about his kind hazel eyes, his charming smile, or his enchanting voice. Among themselves they would also whisper about his wealth, since an unmarried professor, with no children or living relatives, was an interesting party to say the least.