Meat Cute

by loveonthefarm


Detective Damian Jersey was on the move.

The Wednesday afternoon sun blared high overhead. Heat shimmered in the air. He’d left his partner behind, struck out on his own. The crush of bodies crowding the park was overwhelming, and voices—some chanting, some singing, some yelling—cluttered Jersey’s ears, but his goal, glimmering silver in the harsh light, was almost close enough to taste—and definitely close enough to smell.

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Bachelors and Bouquets

by loveonthefarm
illustrated by cloven

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“Please,” Avery said, “please, please tell me you’re all kidding.”

They grinned; and then, across from him, in unison, Elise, Shayna, Simon, and Nicky shook their heads.

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by loveonthefarm

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Anya woke with a ghost.

It lingered in her ears, an echo knocking around in her skull. Her hand was already underneath her pillow, touching warm metal, by the time her rational mind caught up to her instincts and her fast-beating heart. Nothing more than the dampened sound of bone on skin on wood–and, now, the sharp-edged hissing of a person listing every curse they knew and then some.

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Ladder Hitch

by cloven and loveonthefarm

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Slowly, the rope pulled taut.

“That should do it,” Reagan said. Careful, he ran his finger along the edge of the rope, touch featherlight and electric where it brushed against Seth’s skin. “How are you feeling?”

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by loveonthefarm

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“I thought we weren’t supposed to use work to take care of personal business.”

Nate stops shuffling through a week’s worth of unread mail to give Sasha a flatly unamused look. “Okay, two things. One: it is a Thursday night, and 90% of our traffic—college kids—is otherwise occupied. I haven’t seen anyone in half an hour. Two: you were the one who told me to do this, so it’s kind of your fault, really.”

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Make It Work

by loveonthefarm
illustrated by cloven

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illustrated by cloven

It’s a beautiful August day–sunny, warm, and lively–and Tory is stuck inside.

He’s been stuck inside all morning, moving into his new dorm room and unpacking, but now it’s two in the afternoon, and he’s going stir-crazy. Voices and music from the Student Activities Fair on the front lawn have been filtering in for hours, and Tory’s stayed strong–but the warm breeze that tickles at his shoulders when he walks past the window is the last damn straw.

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