Exchange for Money

by Kisarazu Megumi (如月図恵美)

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There is always at least one day in a person’s life that can change it all forever. You can wait for it, hope for it, but it will always come unexpectedly.

Jonathan was a twenty-four-year old Caucasian male. His hair was blond and cut similar to Leonardo DiCaprio’s hair in his teenage years. He went to college at a university in the United States. His major was business. He lived in a one bedroom apartment with no roommates, paid for entirely by his parents.

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Garden Bunny

by Kisarazu Megumi (如月図恵美)

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Once upon a time there was a beautiful and amazing queen. She lived in a huge castle with the king and their son. While the king controlled and guided the kingdom, the queen watched over the people’s hope and happiness. Everyone loved the queen, even the animals. Just outside her castle was a gorgeous garden where she spent all of her time. The garden was very popular with the animals because they were able to see the queen there and listen to her read. Every day she took her son to the garden to teach him how to be a good king and a kind ruler. Her son, though, didn’t pay too much attention; he was always too busy making friends with the garden’s inhabitants.

“Mommy,” he interrupted her reading, “I like this one the best!” He smiled as he stroked the white rabbit’s fur. “He is so soft and his eyes are the same color as the sky!” The queen nodded without lifting her eyes from the page. “Can I keep him?” the prince asked. “He is special. He is my favorite and he is so friendly. He can keep me company when you and father are gone.”

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