Love and Books

by Jian Jie (鉴戒)

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Snow is bad for those afflicted with ADD. I learned this on one of many days with my much loved, but far too easily distracted, Robin, who seems to want to watch each snowflake land on the ground and melt. I think he’d even mourn for them if there weren’t so many of them. That could lead to a dangerous discussion on whether God mourns for lost souls or not, but I’d really prefer not to go there.

Robin laughs as he looks at me, his head tilted to the side. “Snow, in my ear,” he whimpers and I cover his ears with my hands until it melts. He really acts so young and you’d never believe that someone had put him in control of twenty odd under-graduate students. He hardly seems to be able to take care of himself.

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First Snow

by Jian Jie (鉴戒)

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It always seemed fitting to me that the first day of December was also my first snow, during my first winter of my first year of college. It was also the day I met my first love.

I had the day off, away from a two-hour shift of folding and laughing and talking to one of the girls – the prettiest lesbian I’d ever known – over a tacky paper cup of tea. But that was okay. I had my jacket tucked over my arm, my scarf tossed jauntily around my neck, and my hood pulled up to cover my face.

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