The Antidote We Make Together

by Iseya Misu (伊勢谷 美寿)

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“—and I found Lord Robert’s seventh shoe in the maid’s cupboard, and the last in her fireplace,” I finish reporting, as Madame Gerotte nods and carefully notes down every detail.

“Very good,” she replies, closing her ledger with a snap. “Your next assignment is in Lindonton Manor. They’re expecting extra guests to arrive at their season’s end ball, and will be needing a footman, a man-of-all-service, and a room-tender.”

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Be Careful What You Fish For

by Aosora Hikaru (青空ヒカル)
illustrated by Iseya Misu (伊勢谷 美寿)

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Kiran always made time for fishing on the weekends. After a long week of cubicle work and numbers and math, he always looked forward to the placid waters of Lake Huron just outside Harrisville, Michigan. His catches were rare and that was fine; he only wanted the solitude and quiet and ability to stop thinking.

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