by Iron Eater

“So a little bird told me that you ‘n White-Hair’re gonna be out of the stronghold for a week or two,” said Miid, having sidled up to Riaag as they both helped with dinner preparations in one of Naar Rhoan’s many kitchens. She fluttered her eyelashes at him between chops at a haunch of well-marbled camel meat destined for the simmering stew pot they were tending. “They say it’s so he can help out with some god-speaker business, but my old band used to roam up around Vaz Tarukh all the time, and I know it ain’t that far away.” Her impish smile bloomed into a grin. “You two plannin’ anything romantic, then?”

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This City Loves You

written and illustrated by Iron Eater

William and Rabbit had been in what they politely called the renovation business for years when William sussed out that Rabbit was very probably cheating on him. Sleeping around wasn’t a big deal—they’d never set out to be exclusive, and the fact they were an item at all had happened more because they couldn’t find a reason not to be one than as any grand emotional gesture—but this wasn’t like how Rabbit sometimes trawled for new “friends” when William was busy with less cooperative work. This was a matter of business. That made it personal.

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Totally Stoned

by Houndstooth
illustrated by Iron Eater


“I know, I know, I’m trying to relax,” Bryce muttered, grinding the palm of their hand across their temple. “I wasn’t expecting… God, there are so many people here.”

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Conbadge of Honor

written and illustrated by Iron Eater

“I feel too old for this,” said Ross as he watched yet another white college kid in a brightly-colored animal head pass through the registration area. There was a seemingly endless supply of them and he knew they all went to louder parties than he did.

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Brittle Limit

written and illustrated by Iron Eater

Riaag had been in a palace before, and it had struck him as rather nice at the time, but in terms of scale that one may as well have been an outhouse compared to the sprawling estate he now found himself in. Unlike the one he’d stayed in previously, this one probably wasn’t cursed. It also had a lot more hallways. Being a creature who’d always done most of his living either in a tent or under the open sky, Riaag was still figuring out how he felt about being around so much indoors; there were windows everywhere, sure, and plenty of balconies to walk out on if you needed to feel the sun on your shoulders or the wind in your hair, but that didn’t change how the ground was out there while he was stuck in here, mixed up into an uncountable throng of people he didn’t know who came from places he’d never heard of. It was hard not to feel a little homesick every time he found out one more thing that was plentiful back home but completely alien here. There wasn’t a scrap of horsemeat in the entire palace, at least not if you didn’t count the living ones people rode on, which he didn’t, because that would be rude.

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The Best of All Possible Worlds

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Tess had never been that fond of Kansas. There was something about all that flat land in one place that really rubbed her the wrong way, and it felt like it got a little flatter and smoother each time she came back that way. You couldn’t really hide when the land was flat, or find shelter if the weather got nasty, to say nothing of how the hunting just wasn’t there. She’d once read a book about all the different kinds of dinosaurs that lived in Kansas back in prehistoric times; it was hard to look at how things were now and imagine it stuffed full of giant sharks and Plesiosaurs and who knew how many flavors of mammoth. Then again, the Great Inland Sea probably didn’t hold a candle to the sheer weirdness of the Waste Belt, no matter how many thousands of years ago it had been. You had to keep things in perspective when dealing with anything that had happened Before.

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Error Borealis

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Married life had been kind to Sir Iame, but as he ascended the seventh side-tower staircase of the day he found himself grateful that he’d bothered to keep up his training routine. It wasn’t that he was worried about whether he could still use the sword on his belt—of course he still could, he was a hero for heaven’s sake, no matter how many princes he agreed to wed—but the thought of some miscreant catching him out of breath at the top of yet another climb filled him with what he felt was a reasonable amount of dread. The landing felt like a blessing once it finally arrived.

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They lied to me, said Lenny, though since it was a dream he didn’t use words to do it. I knew they were lying but I didn’t know how much.

Mack wanted to rub his eyes, or lift a hand, or at least somehow react to seeing Lenny again, but he couldn’t do anything but stand with his arms pinned to his sides like weights. He was close enough to see the fine scar on Lenny’s cheek but still helplessly far away. The dream knew he was out of practice and kept him where it wanted him, or that’s what it felt like.

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