In Ossa Venenum

written and illustrated by Iron Eater

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Mr. Ward,

I regret not corresponding sooner than this, & request your forgiveness in this matter, as my relocation to my new quarters involved a great deal of unexpected elements, delays, &tc., but I wish to firstly ease any concerns you might have for my constitution by including copies of my meal records for the period of time between when I left for the other side of town & when I penned this letter. These are enclosed within the smaller envelope. I anticipate another meal to-day in the evening after the students’ sundown lessons have concluded. It will be dutifully enclosed with my next missive.

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The Weight of What We Owe

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written and illustrated by Iron Eater

In the depths of the sky lies the garden of the gods, and all around the garden there is a belt of lights and towers, and all throughout these celestial marches there is me.

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Out in the Wash

written and illustrated by Iron Eater

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The laundry machine was on the fritz.

Some people Joshua knew were hesitant to call something that ran on supernatural energies a machine, per se, but in his opinion he was all for calling a spade a spade; it didn’t matter if behind the inconspicuous chassis with the Maytag branding was a fantastic portal to the dimensional plane of soap suds—or wherever it went, as the manual warned against sticking your head into the unit to investigate and Joshua was an avowed manual-reader—because so long as he put dirty clothes in and got clean clothes out it was good enough for him. The laundry machine was a typical magical appliance in that it needed both electrical power and a connection to Realms Unknown to work, similar to how a dishwasher needed both power and water if it was meant to do its job. Like all machines built for human convenience, he only really thought about it when it wasn’t working the way it ought to, and given the malfunction he had on his hands he was now thinking about the laundry machine quite a lot.

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written and illustrated by Iron Eater

Year’s End was just around the corner, which of course meant as many things that could be a pain in Riaag’s ass as possible were choosing to do so. The current focus of his ire was an issue with one of the new grain-storage buildings they’d built just before that year’s Harvest. Said building now lay in scorched pieces on the ground; through swift action and good fortune they’d kept the other buildings from joining the conflagration, but a single lost store meant that much less to trade with and that much less of a buffer if the winter turned bad. Riaag still wasn’t sure what to make of it. When the Hill God had ordered His children to work the fields of Naar Rhoan, He hadn’t said anything about said fields blowing up afterwards.

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Cruorem Veritas

written and illustrated by Iron Eater

Hugh had known for a very long time that the only thing he was capable of doing well was hurting people.

Some gentlemen among his peers had only found this out when they started along the staggering, fawn-legged road that led from a boy’s years to manhood, but not Hugh. Hugh had learned swift and early. He had fallen in with patrons who were understanding of his shortcomings and found good outlets for them, ones that didn’t cause trouble with the constabulary, which meant that on days like today when he sat on the opposite side of Mr. Clifford-Smythe’s terrible desk it was with unbound hands and unsullied clothes. Not everyone could say that.

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written and illustrated by Iron Eater

Warren lay sprawled on Brad’s couch, sipping a chilled bottle of no-name cola and loathing the Tucson heat with every fiber of his being. He liked visiting Brad, he really did, but the thing that so far had tried their relationship far beyond the distance between them was just how damned hot it got in Arizona in every season but winter. Warren hoped that once they made it through their current discussion the weather would still be the only thing to worry about.

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Slime After Slime

written and illustrated by Iron Eater

When Lyón next woke it was in neither the depths of the Baron’s dungeons nor a coffin, and it took him a moment to get his bearings once he realized he hadn’t been left for dead. He performed a brief nose-to-toes check of all his various parts, which revealed that nothing seemed to be missing but most of him was some degree of numb; while the respite from his aching knee and aching head were welcome, he couldn’t be sure just what else that numbness brought with it. There were plenty of brigands out there who’d love the chance to poison a helpless hero.

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by Iron Eater
illustrated by Someone Else and juou no zan (女王のザン)

“So why are you making such a big fuss about going to this thing, Pete? It’s just airy-fairy people bopping around in tights for a few hours with a piss break in the middle. You’d be better off just hitting the Redbox out front and using the money you didn’t spend on tickets to get a weekend’s worth of takeout.”

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