On Solitude And Companionship

by Hanashi Aino (はなし愛乃)

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Thomas Elytherion, mage, lived alone in a large house full of books and spell equipment, and he was quite happy that way, thank you very much. Having other people around was nothing more than an annoyance, he said; they’d only try to interrupt him when he was working on something or put things in the wrong places or otherwise disrupt the pattern of life with which he was comfortable.

Therefore, it was not out of any desire for companionship that he took in the cat. He’d found the thing, a scrawny bundle of brown fur, frozen half to death on his doorstep one winter night and brought it inside out of pity. His intention had been to give it a few meals, let it thaw out a bit, and turn it out again once the weather was nicer and the cat a bit healthier.

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As Seen Through The Window

by Hanashi Aino (はなし愛乃)

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“Um… you know…”


“This… uh… what we’re doing…”

“What about it?”

“Are you sure it’s… well… okay? I mean, if we get caught, we’ll probably get in trouble, and-”

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