If I Look in Your Eyes (I’ll Want You to Hold Me)

by green papaya

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Holly took one last look at herself in the mirror and groaned in despair. She was giving up. There was no point in doing this. 

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Red as Ruby and Fragrant as Plum Blossom

by green papaya
illustrated by PizzaCat

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In the end, the solution was simple.

“A jade-bellied wasp,” Ronnie explained to the skeptical officers. “They’d have no problem traveling through a vent such as the one above Mrs. Hwasun’s bed, and they’re attracted to lilac water. All the perpetrator had to do was set one loose in the house and let it follow the scent right to her. If you’ll recall, she liked to mist the water over her pillows and linens to help her sleep at night. One startled movement and the wasp would have stung her—the venom only takes seconds to stop the heart and is virtually undetectable.”

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The Potion Master’s Husband

by green papaya

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That morning, Klaus Xam woke from a dream in which he returned to his mother’s home to watch a concert in her garden. The herbs and flowers had come to life and sang and danced to melancholy songs, and his mother had gifted him with the tea set that had been passed down in her family for generations. It took him a long moment to realize that he was lying in bed in Crystallia, not Vementis; that his mother had been dead these past three years; and that the tea set had been lost, sold by his brother along with the rest of his mother’s belongings.

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Tiger Prince, Thorn Witch

by green papaya

Young Do came to Hong with footsteps that shook the ground, a roar that echoed throughout the city, and fangs that dripped scarlet with blood. “Your final task is completed,” she said, rolling a bloody and dirt-covered object over to Hong with one of her large paws.

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