Throw away these numbers

by Himawari (ヒマワリ)
illustrated by EMINA

(mirrors http://s2b2.livejournal.com/296692.html)

Cameron Darling figured it was high time he went out for a drink.

Sixteen months and three days without Sophia, now, Cameron thought as he got into a tram car toward colony center. Sixteen months, three days, and two hours, if he was specific, and yes, he could still quickly do the math in his head. Sixteen months, three days, and two hours since the phone call at the office, the panicked trip to the hospital, only to be told that no, the subarachnoid hemorrhage had been so severe that there was nothing anyone could do, and that Sophia was dead, that his wife had gasped and fallen to the floor in her office at the house and died before she arrived at the hospital.

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War’s End

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