They Can’t Take That Away from Me

by Yamanashi Moe (山梨もえ)
illustrated by crowfish

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Although I can’t dismiss
the mem’ry of his kiss,
I guess he’s not for me.
-“But Not For Me,” George and Ira Gershwin

Jake can’t remember where he got this CD and it’s driving him absolutely crazy. A burnt CD, of course, like most of his music collection, but he doesn’t recognize the brand of CD-R. It isn’t even really labeled; he just wrote ‘Jazz Music’ all in caps around the middle at some point.

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by crowfish

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Alex wakes up on Christmas morning the same way he has every year for the past five years. He is in his bed; he is alone in his bed. The air is crisp, but not uncomfortable. It’s cool, and that makes sense because it’s snowing outside. He sits up and looks out his window. It’s pretty early, but already some of the families across the street are outside playing, making snowmen and driving around their new toy cars. He grins inwardly, but his mouth considers it too early to move so much. Alex’s body agrees, and he groans as he puts his legs over the side of his bed and stands. Ah, well. Same morning routine.

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