Fortune Cookies

You will make a change for the better.

Your lucky numbers are #33, 98, 47, 63, 24 : ).

Kyle crushed the cookie and its wrapper in the palm of his hand and shoved it into his small black purse. That was the ninth time he had gotten that fortune and he was starting to think he should take some time to find some other lame-ass two-bit Chinese place. Even most of the lower city had standards for food and when it seemed like the same thing kept getting shoved out in various stages of stale—it was. Still, creepy register boy, cheap fortunes, or greasy soup notwithstanding, the food was cheap and quick—and still probably better than some fast-food joint.


The In-Between

by Bara Akai (薔薇・赤い)
illustrated by llyse

(mirrors http://s2b2.livejournal.com/116496.html)

“What was it like?” Michael turned on the bed to face Drew, his heavy eyes darkened to pits in the low lighting that filtered in from the hallway almost five feet away. He and Drew were two heavy bodies draped against the blue satin sheets on Michael’s bed. Their limbs were lanky and weighted from too-long sleeps and the chill they shared at the heart. They settled themselves around each other, wrists and ankles like felled tree branches after a storm — tangled and too big, too full of rain water, to move. It was the beginning of fall but felt like the beginning of winter as the smell of snow crept down from the Appalachian Mountains and into the outskirts of their North Carolina college town.

“What was what like?” Drew looked down at Michael, his weight shifted onto his elbow as he sat up halfway. His lips were blue and purple on the side where his blood had settled in their lethargy. It hadn’t had time to shift with his weight and he looked bruised, mottled as an overripe peach, over dusky brown skin that stretched precariously over dried bones.

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