Private Show

by Auriel Naughtwell

(mirrors http://s2b2.livejournal.com/314511.html)

The barker pulled in the crowd. With a flip of his hat, he beckoned forth questioning eyes to view “the greatest show on Earth”. Passersby wandered onto the fairground, dazzled by the talent also roaming around. Women were dazzled by the Tall Man. Children giggled as they were picked up by and dangled from The Strong Arm’s biceps. The barker led transfixed people to the ticket booth, tapping on it knowingly with his cane before disappearing.

The day passed by in a flurry of excitement. None of the acts were at their best yet. No, no. That show was for later. The barker rallied up people to a small ring outside the big tent. People came either because of his instruction or because of interest at the growing crowd. The Strong Arm lifted the wiry-framed attendant up above her head with both hands, then one hand. The crowd clapped as the duo stuck out their left arms. The Strong Arm slowly turned around, giving each and every audience member a new angle to see.

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