Navid Arash Taraghijah: Still Life With Chair (I-XXV)

“I think it’d be good for you to start painting again.”

Navid didn’t answer, keeping his eyes fixed instead out the window. It was raining hard now, and the wind pushed the drops nearly sideways into the glass, giving a view of the grounds as though from behind a waterfall, everything distorted and distant. The IV in the back of his hand itched; he didn’t like it there, but Dr. Lin had told him after he’d pulled out the last one that it’d be a good idea to give the vein in his elbow some time to heal. Everyone in the clinic had lots of good ideas to share.


Black Umbrella In The Rain

by Rei (レイ)
illustrated by ah_chan

(mirrors http://s2b2.livejournal.com/62879.html)

After the graduation ceremony on Thursday, Sato’s parents decided a family vacation was in order. Instead of moving into Endo’s house for a week like he planned to, Sato was told to pack a week’s worth of clothes and prepare for a six-hour drive to Nikkō. He didn’t tell Endo, but his mother did -– she sent an invitation on black refried paper with creeping white characters.

That Saturday, Endo turned up on Sato’s front doorstep in his favourite pair of torn jeans, carrying a ratty bag with the words “FATE GO FUCK OFF WORLD” splashed across it in dark messy letters.

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The Heart Eater’s Children

by Usagi Anami (兎あなみ)

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(Takes place in the same world as “Jhaellyn’s Bargain”)

Faerith, goddess of subtlety, forethought, and tactics, betrayed her lover Jhaellyn during his 20- year absence in Gaaresh’s service. She maintained that Jhaellyn had abandoned the elven race, even going so far as to claim he had sided with Gaaresh against the elves. She was quickly appointed to lead the elves for her great wisdom and intellect.

She encouraged the elves to develop their martial and magical skills over poetry, song, artisan crafts, and the natural and spiritual philosophies. The majority of the race developed into a crude and warlike people only slightly more sophisticated than their orc foes. Those that lacked cruelty, questioned Faerith’s leadership, or doubted Jhaellyn’s betrayal were quickly and quietly disposed of.

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Of Dead Plants And Weird Love

by Rei (レイ)
illustrated by ah_chan

(mirrors http://s2b2.livejournal.com/59186.html)

Sato always knew that his family wasn’t normal. He knew it the moment his mother explained why they named him Sato.

Well, we actually wanted to name you Sabbath, but that sounded a little weird, can you imagine calling you Sabbath-kun? It’s also a little hard to write out in katakana isn’t it? So we decided on Sabato, but your first cousin is named Sabato, do you remember him? He came to our house last year for Halloween, dressed as a psychopathic killer, I remembered how you screamed when he tried to stab you–

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