a kept woman, happily

See this piece’s entry on the Shousetsu Bang*Bang wiki.

by A.S. Mara
illustrated by by dollydari

The package came to her in a long, large portable tank, roughly the size of a double-sided refrigerator. It was carried entirely by eight hoverbots to support its weight, and supervised by one tall, bulky courier, who fumbled with their electronic notepad and squinted at the print on the screen.

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The Two Witches

by A.S. Mara

Read this piece’s entry on the Shousetsu Bang*Bang wiki.

Kekwa watched Danielle ring the doorbell three times before she intervened, catching her paw in one hand.

“Stop it,” Kekwa said. “You’ll irritate her.”

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remember to love each other

by A.S. Mara

It used to be something they celebrated every year, counting down the days beforehand with casual reminders, planning reservations and buying gifts for each other. Not a huge deal, but still a special day they liked to remember. But as the years passed, and the electric chemistry that buzzed between them slowly eased into something softer and more comfortable, the celebrations petered off too. It was hard to pinpoint exactly when it happened, only that at present, more often than not, they simply forgot about it.

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In the Name of Love

by A.S. Mara
illustrated by beili

Someone was ringing the doorbell. Loudly.

Hamzah groaned and rolled over, squinting at his phone. The glare of his screen told him it was far too early to be up on his day off, but that certainly wasn’t stopping whoever was at the door. He put his phone back down and shut his eyes.

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by A.S. Mara

“So are you coming or what?”

“I’ll pass,” Qamar said, and grimaced at the exaggerated gasp that followed his answer.

“Bro. You’re passing up on free food?”

“It’s a buffet, man. What the hell.”

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been missing this

by A.S. Mara

“Well?” Irene asked, eyes bright.

Shaz hesitated, and shot another glance across the room to where the subject of their discussion sat: Mr Tall, Dark and Handsome was chatting with their host, hands moving animatedly. When he looked back to Irene, she was wearing a wide, expectant smile. He sighed. “All right,” he finally admitted, “he’s cute.”

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