Editorial Calendar

SSBB 2019 Publishing Schedule

Issue 77: Ordinary Magic
* issue date: Monday, February 25
* text deadline: Tuesday, February 12
* art deadline: Saturday, February 23
Urban witchcraft? Or just the power of love? Mundane meets fantastic for some spellbinding happily-ever-afters.

Issue 78: A Black Tie Affair
* issue date: Monday, April 29
* text deadline: Tuesday, April 16
* art deadline: Saturday, April 27
Dust off your tuxedo and fluff out your petticoats — you don’t want to be late for these balls.

Issue 79: When On High
* issue date: Monday, June 24
* text deadline: Tuesday, June 11
* art deadline: Saturday, June 22
Whether you like ancient gods and creation myths or prefer more contemporary positions of power, this issue invites a view from the tops of the world.

Issue 80: Nerds vs. Jocks, Goths vs. Preps
* issue date: Monday, August 26
* text deadline: Tuesday, August 13
* art deadline: Saturday, August 24
Opposites attract, repel, and then attract again in this issue of sometimes-curious alignments.

Issue 81: The Monster at the End of This Book
* issue date: Monday, October 28
* text deadline: Tuesday, October 15
* art deadline: Saturday, October 26
Turn the page and come face to face with your fears and fantasies in our (sometimes) tantalizingly terrifying October issue.

Issue 82: Theme Free
* issue date: Monday, December 23
* text deadline: Tuesday, December 10
* art deadline: Saturday, December 21
Finally, wrap up the year right with our annual theme-free big bang!

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