Editorial Calendar


SSBB 2018 Publishing Schedule

February 26: Like and Subscribe
text deadline: Tuesday, February 20
art deadline: Saturday, February 24
On the internet, no one knows you’re doggone sexy. (And by ‘no one’ we mean ‘everyone’.)

March 26 (F/F Special): Hit and Mrs.
text deadline: Tuesday, March 20
art deadline: Saturday, March 24
We’ve got stars and strikes planned for these ladies, so come say ‘I do’ to our female-focused femslash special.

April 30: Sadie Hawkins
art deadline: Saturday, March 3 (note that this is way earlier that usual)
text deadline: Tuesday, April 24
This time we’re turning the tables and giving illustrations a chance to come first!

June 25: Perchance to Dream
text deadline: Tuesday, June 19
art deadline: Saturday, June 23
What do you want Mr. Sandman to bring you? Set your alarm so you don’t sleep through our fantasy-focused June issue.

July 30 (Yes, And Special): I Was Meant For the Stage
text deadline: Tuesday, July 24
art deadline: Saturday, July 28
The play’s the thing for our annual queer special! Thespians and theatregoers alike, that’s your cue.

August 27: Paint By Numbers
text deadline: Tuesday, August 21
art deadline: Saturday, August 25
Trot out your favorite tropes, call on your favorite clichés, and make some melodrama happen in an issue that gets back to SSBB’s heartwarmingly predictable roots.

September 24 (Artist Special): Hidden Pleasures
text deadline: Tuesday, September 4
art deadline: Saturday, September 18
Sexy secrets and erotic enigmas lie waiting to be uncovered in the pages of our annual art-focused special.

October 29: The Butler Did It
text deadline: Tuesday, October 23
art deadline: Saturday, October 27
Was it Professor Plum in the bedroom with the candlestick? Put on your sleuthing hat and solve the mystery of our spooky October issue!

December 17: Theme Free
text deadline: Tuesday, December 11
art deadline: Saturday, December 15
Give 2018 the sendoff it deserves — whatever that may be — with our theme-free year-end big bang.


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