The Cuckoo

by shukyou (主教)


Flashbulbs exploded like fireworks as they stepped past the customs gate into the terminal, the happy reunited family. They’d gotten permission to take the Millers behind the scenes a little, past the point where those picking up arriving passengers were expected to wait, so that the reunion itself might take place away from the media’s prying lenses. They were ready now, though, ushered forth by cops and social workers into the bright public eye.

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by Kuruma Ebi (車エビ)

illustrated by beili

There was something in the lake by Bleakhall House.

This was common knowledge in Roxburghshire, whose visitors were often told stories of dark shapes moving under the surface of the lake, of witch-lights that appeared over its surface and unwitting guests who had fallen in, never to be found again.

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Heading Home

by Hyakunichisou 13 (百日草 十三)

If it weren’t for work, Duncan would have been parked somewhere quiet on a night like this, tucked into his sleeping bag with a book and a mug of tea. The rain mottled the windshield between swipes of the wipers, and the glare of the van’s headlights made the downpour into a pewter sheet that obscured the road. Even as he slowed to fifteen going downhill he could feel the wheels want to slip. He slowed even more as he came to the curve, acutely aware that there was nothing but a corrugated steel guardrail and a few wooden posts between him and an emphatic encounter with the Canadian Shield, sixty feet below.

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How to Get Into the Krixin Resort

by juou no zan (女王のザン)

“Oh shit,” Rirdan said. “The Krixin Resort is opening to the public for a week next month.”

Devere leaned into the room from the galley. “Shit, really?” he asked. The Krixin Resort was always filled with rich idiots, which would be reason enough to hit it, but Devere’s old partner, M’ŋary, had a key to a physical safe in the Member Resources office, which Devere had managed to get a hold of before abandoning their old ship.

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Cruorem Veritas

written and illustrated by Iron Eater

Hugh had known for a very long time that the only thing he was capable of doing well was hurting people.

Some gentlemen among his peers had only found this out when they started along the staggering, fawn-legged road that led from a boy’s years to manhood, but not Hugh. Hugh had learned swift and early. He had fallen in with patrons who were understanding of his shortcomings and found good outlets for them, ones that didn’t cause trouble with the constabulary, which meant that on days like today when he sat on the opposite side of Mr. Clifford-Smythe’s terrible desk it was with unbound hands and unsullied clothes. Not everyone could say that.

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Greek Kiss

by Astasia


Good Morning

by shukyou (主教)


Despite what his name might suggest, Moe wasn’t a joker. He didn’t always get comedy, and he had five good jokes memorized for social purposes, even though I wouldn’t have sworn he understood why their punchlines were funny. The rest of our friends and I generally left him out of our good-natured ribbing and practical jokes, mostly because it didn’t seem fair that he wouldn’t — or couldn’t — reciprocate. All of which is why my I did not laugh when I opened the door to my apartment to find Moe standing there with a hollow expression on his face. He looked me straight in the eye and said, “Javi, I’m straight.”

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Welcome to House Cherry

by TK Hoshikuzu (TK 星屑)



Breakfast is an outdated meal, but it’s the hill that this damned school is determined to die on. Connor stares grumpily at the floor with his eyes half-closed, acknowledging no one as he trudges to the shower. It wakes him up, but a hot shower does not a morning person make. His mood is worsened when he runs into Vince and Dove brushing their teeth together, as if they were a real couple. Connor stomps out because they don’t seem to notice him.

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