Shousetsu Bang*Bang Issue 29

cover illustration by kiri_moth


"The Sanguine Engine"
   by Domashita Romero (地下ロメロ)
   illustrated by serenity_winner
"The Perks to Running a Clean Ship"
   by Miyoko
"Victoria's Children"
   by Dr. Noh, illustrated by ashe
"Duet for Tenor and Transradial Orthosis"
   by shukyou (主教)
   illustrations by lord_mune
   by Hana Chikai (羽名血海)
"Music Box (1930s) -- In Need of Repair"
   by Koiwa Shishiko (小岩 獅神)
   illustrated by ylfdragon
"To Get a Ticket"
   by hColleen
"Black Hair and Bullets or A Matter of Honour"
   by Mikami Ren (三神 恋)
"Dropping the Ball"
   by Noel Oliver
   by Torino Koji
"The Fifth Form at St. Ruth's"
   by Macklin
"Where Metal Meets Skin"
   by Tsukigawa Rika (月川 りか)
   by nedtheimpaler
"Justice Comes to Shit Mesa"
   by Roumonte Emi (竜主天 蝦)
   illustrated by dumplingyum


   by morgie
Just a Break
   by sixdora
Please, Mr. Postman
   by boredgods

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