Shousetsu Bang*Bang Issue 26

cover illustration by serenity_winner


"Foreign Exchange"
   by Cendri and Drakonlily
   by Frostfire
"Welcome Back, Class of 1990"
   by shukyou (主教)
   illustrated by aerie
"Strength, Gallantry, and Other
Useless Bits"

   by Ogiwara Saki (荻原咲)
"Caught in a Rush"
   by Kuroobaa (クローバー)
"Best Laid"
   by Domashita Romero
   illustrated by safelybeds
"Almonds and Chocolate"
   by Morita Kuniko (森田邦子)
"How a Year Can Break a Heart
(Or Just Before the End, What
Do You See?)"

   by backlit_fiction
"Coping, Patience, and Reward"
   by Phail, illustrated by beili
"New Year's (お正月)"
   Trans. MYŌGADANI Mōra
   (茗荷谷 望裸)
   illustrated by Li
"Sparkle or Bust"
   by bupparo
   illustrated by llyse
   by Jestana
   by Yamanashi Moe (山梨もえ)
   illustrated by _reirei
"Let It Snow"
   by Hashinaka Choko (橋中蝶子)

"No One Said It Would Be Easy"
   by Kikuchi Makoto (菊池 誠)
"Rules of the Game"
   by Azia C. Ita
"Look at the World from a
New Perspective"

   by Calex
"Love to an 80s Soundtrack"
   by Oneira
"Little America"
   by Tsukizubon Saruko
   illustrated by safelybeds


   by Yuite Dio (神莠射手)
And Then
   by Pullus Dentibus
A Souvenir
   by Bluejuice (青液)

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